Anna Marie North Birth Story

RaeganIn March of 2013, we found out that we were pregnant with our first child. We were super excited and found it incredibly hard not telling family or friends however managed to hold it in.

At 10 weeks I woke up and found that I was bleeding, being a first time mum I panicked and my husband took me into the hospital to get checked out. Turns out I had a slight infection that was causing this bleed and the scan showed that bub was ok. The Dr did advise that this did not mean that we were not experiencing the first stages of a miscarriage and it was pretty much a wait and see situation. Of course this upset me and I couldn’t concentrate for the rest of the day.

We decided at that point that because we were living with my parents we should tell them because if something more was to happen they would need to know. We ended up telling immediate family only on both sides – who were all very excited for us. We waited things out and eventually got to the 12 week scan, which excited us because we got to see how little one a bit clearer.

At 12 weeks I went for my blood tests and we went into the clinic to have our 12 week scan done. We were told by the sonographer that babies nuchal fold was quite large however it did not mean that our child was going to have Down Syndrome (DS) and that we would have to wait for the tests and the scan to be reviewed which would bring back the risk factor of me carrying a child with DS.

We were told that Friday that I was in the high risk section for carrying a child with DS – I broke down into tears and just did not want to speak to anyone. It was the most upsetting thing I have EVER heard in my life. Geraldine was incredible during this time and was always checking in to see I was ok while we awaiting further testing.

I was referred to Auckland Hospital for CVS testing – I was petrified due to the risks involved with this testing. My husband was my rock, he come with me and held my hand the entire time we were at the clinic. We began the CVS however baby moved and they could not proceed safely so this was called off and they booked me in for an amnio. This meant that I would have to wait another few weeks – incredibly nerve wracking that’s for sure!

On the day of my amnio I felt incredibly sick, we went in and the same nurses we had for the CVS were with us, the amnio went ahead and they took the sample they needed to process the tests ASAP. It was a horrible experience, very uncomfortable but having my husband there was very comforting.

A few days later we received a call from Geraldine with the BEST news we have ever heard. Our baby was fine! The tests had come back without reading for DS. She then asked if we wanted to know what we were having (because the tests pretty much confirm what gender bub is.) we said yes we wanted to know and found out it was a boy! We were the happiest couple in the whole world and could FINALLY be excited about our pregnancy.

The remainder of the pregnancy went well, no morning sickness, slight tiredness but nothing too extreme. Our plan was to have a water birth and as natural as possible (no drugs!!).

In the weeks leading up to our due date I started having pains in my side for which I was sent for testing, it was found that I had protein in my urine which could be leading to preeclampsia. I was told to do a 24 hour urine test that the hospital tested and it was found that my levels or protein were growing – I was then booked in for induction on my due date.

28 November 2013, my husband took me into Waitakere Hospital where I was tested again and put on a monitor where I was showing that I was having contractions already. These died down as the day went on and my induction started at approximately 9.30pm. The first round of gel was inserted and contractions started pretty much straight away. They continued right through the night so got close to NO sleep. I was put on a monitor the next morning and was advised that I didn’t require any more gel and that once I had reached a certain point my waters would be broken. The obstetrician come through and checked baby’s position and thought that he may not be engaged. They advised that they would be giving me a scan to check position at this stage I asked what the likelihood of my waters breaking naturally was and was advised that there was no chance of this. I went for my scan and found that baby was good to go, it was just a matter of waiting it out.

15 minutes after returning from my scan, I felt a pop! and my waters broke all on their own. My contractions were then being monitored (from 10.30am) and by around 3pm I was in the delivery room preparing for my little boy to enter the world.

Because I was induced I was put on a syntosin drip – the contractions come heavy and fast and I was in extreme pain. I was given the gas but because of the strength of contractions I found this useless and screamed at my husband (poor man) to get me the “Good Stuff”. Once I was dilated so many cm’s the anaesthetist come in and gave me an epidural. You could still feel the contractions however, NOWHERE near as bad as I was feeling earlier.

I believe that I got to around 10cms or close enough to deliver baby however he was sitting too far up. For this reason a surgeon was called to see if it were a case for C-Section. I was given the option of waiting it out to see what happens or go into surgery right then and there. I was incredibly tired and just wanted my boy out so opted for the C-Section right then and there.

The surgeon took all of 5 minutes to get my little boy out, hubby met him and cut the cord while I was being stitched up then I met them in recovery.

The beginning of our pregnancy was a nightmare that I would never wish upon anybody but it really goes to show that you should never assume the worst until it happens. We now have a gorgeous baby boy that we would never be without now.

Raegan and his midwife Geraldine
Raegan and his Midwife Geraldine

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