Ivana’s Birth Story

It was the first day of my parental leave; I was very relaxed all day thinking I still had three weeks before my due date. My husband and I went for our daily one hour walk like we did every other evening, came home, had our diner, had shower when suddenly without any warning my water broke at 10:30 pm. The liquid was clear and pink, so I did not panic and decided it’s still early to call my midwife, Geraldine Zulch.

Very soon, my contraction started. I took two panadol tablets and went to bed hoping I will be able to catch some sleep, but it was just impossible to sleep through contractions. They were very strong and only 10 minutes apart. That was the longest night ever. I called my midwife in the morning, and she said that we will have a baby that day. She told me to wait until my contractions were 3 minutes apart and then come to the hospital, which we did at about 9:30 am.

My husband and I wanted a water birth, so that is how we started. Being in a nice hot tube was very relaxing. Soon, I felt and urge to push, but I was not fully dilated. After a while my midwife decided it was the best for me to get out of the tub, and go for a walk, so we did that hoping it will help. My contractions were still very strong so I had to lean against my husband for support. When we came back to the birthing suite, I decided I did not want to go back into the tub, feeling I would be more comfortable in the bed. So I followed my instinct and that is what we did.

My midwife was just amazing, she knew exactly what I needed. I was still only 8 cm dilated, and the more I pushed, the more my cervix was swelling, so my midwife instructed me to breathe through the contractions. That was the most difficult thing I had to do, when every cell in my body was telling me to push the pain away, I had to hold on. Finally after I while they told me I can start pushing again, but by that time I was so exhausted. We tried different positions. I would push, my baby’s head would start to move through the birthing canal, but then, I did not have the energy to push any more so it would go back. I lost track of time, and I don’t really know how long that lasted, but the obstetricians were already talking about giving me an epidural. My midwife knew that I did not want it, and she stood up for me telling them that I can do it, I just needed more time. She came back, and with another wonderful midwife from Waitakere Hospital guided me through the contractions. All I remember is their faces and voices telling me I need to push that baby out. When they told me my baby’s head is finally out, that somehow gave me the energy to carry on.

At 15:32 my beautiful baby boy was born, 3.57 kg and 46 cm long. Beautiful, healthy baby came into this world screaming. The very moment they’ve put him into my arms, I knew I will be back for more. I was so blessed to have such an amazing midwife by my side. If there was not for her, I am sure I would end up having an epidural and maybe even a C section. She was wonderful, and I will be forever grateful. I trusted my instincts and my beautiful midwife and I had long and hard, but still beautiful labor.

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