Mikael’s Birth Story

It was Christmas day, my husband and I went home after dinner with family… we got ready to go to bed, and had sex (it’s a natural way of softening the cervix). Soon after, mild period pains started. I did not care much about it… and went to sleep. I had mild period pains throughout the night so I woke up a couple of times. On the following day it was my birthday and I was wishing that he would not come on my birthday, but instead on his due date which was the 2nd of January. During the day, I didn’t feel anything that could be labor. I went shopping and walked around a lot.

After a nice meal at an Italian restaurant to celebrate my birthday, we went home and I decided not to have sex this time, so I would avoid labor that day!

I was having a great night of sleep, when I woke up suddenly at 3am as my water broke in a jet like fashion. I got up, went to the toilet and changed my clothes and got back into bed. Then I decided to wake up my husband to let him know my waters have broken, and we could go back to sleep.

I tried to lie on my bed, but as soon as I did, I started feeling the contractions and they were not terrible, but they were strong, so I thought it was time to let my midwife know, so she would come to our house. In the meantime my husband and I were preparing everything for the birth. We inflated the pool the day before to check if everything was alright, so my husband started filling it up with water. I was preparing the room for labor and getting the final things prepared for the baby.

At 4am my midwife Gail Kiss arrived and my contractions became stronger and closer together. But I was still able to move around. Soon I was just kneeling down against the sofa holding some pillows and moving my hips from one side to the other and in circles. The sensations were strong and I could feel the pressure going down and at 6am, when I started to feel the pressure on my bum with the urge to go toilet, my midwife told me to go into the pool (that was full with warm water).

It was an amazing sensation, because I love water and I felt lighter and even though I could feel the pressure from the contractions, it was more enjoyable. My husband came into the pool as well and stayed there, encouraging me, touching me and waiting for the baby so he could catch him!

It was time to push. I could feel it. So every time the waves came, I pushed. I had a great midwife and she was guiding me really well, I could trust her and could feel in my body that it was the right thing to do. She was hands of, but at the same time present. She checked the baby’s heart beat about 3 times during the labor.

I could feel my baby descending and soon my husband said he could see the baby’s head. It was two hours in the pool but it felt much less than that.

The head was out before 8am, and I attempted to push the body but needed a little help from Gail (my midwife) and the rest of his body came out and my husband was able to catch and hold him! I was on my knees.

I turned around and William showed me the baby boy! He was so peaceful, his eyes were still closed, and he was not crying. I could hold him in my arms for the first time! It was awesome to meet him and see his face for the first time!

Everything was the way I wanted, natural, peaceful, and at home. There was only the midwife, my husband and I and a student nurse, who was there only observing and taking pictures for us.

After about 15 minutes or more with Mikael in my arms, the placenta was about to come out and William cut the cord. I gave him the baby while I came out of the pool. Another mild contraction and the placenta came out. I was able to sit on the sofa holding my son in my arms. It was a great skin to skin time, we were just with towels around us to keep us warm. After some time, my husband held him and the midwife was able to measure and weigh him while I went to have a shower and get dressed.

I was delighted and exhausted at the same time. I just ran a marathon! The midwife cleaned up and my husband emptied the pool. It was time for the midwife to leave, and Mikael and I went to bed together so we both could get some rest.

He started to drink the colostrum some time after birth. While he was asleep I spent most of my time looking at him!

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