Preparing for Labour

One of the most important things you can do to prepare for a good labour is to be ACTIVE. Keep moving, every day. We expect you to walk for one hour at least 5 times a week, but once you stop work (around 36-38 weeks) it is ideal to walk twice a day. Walk briskly with your arms swinging. You may feel contractions during and after your walk and this is great!

Add in some other activities like pregnancy yoga, aquacize or water walking.

From 36 weeks there are other things you can do:

  • talk to your midwife about Active Birth exercises such as squatting and lunges. She will guide you as to how your baby is lying and what you need to do to get him/her into a good anterior position.
  • do some gutter walking: one foot in the gutter one on the kerb
  • practice your hip rocking/hula hooping.
  • DANCE!
  • start drinking Raspberry Leaf Tea (6-12 cups per day)
  • take Evening Primrose oil tablets (1000mg) each day
  • pre birth mix (homeopathic) take four drops/pillules then go for your walk
  • take 5W tablets each day

Packing your bag:
You don’t really need that much for hospital. Sanitary pads and nappies will be provided, as will towels. Bring these things with you:

  • PJs or comfortable sleepwear (consider access for breastfeeding)
  • large comfortable underwear (you will need to wear two pads at a time at first)
  • one outfit to wear during the day (pants and top)
  • toiletries such as soap, shampoo, moisturizer, toothbrush/paste
  • socks/slippers/jandals
  • water bottle
  • phone/charger/camera
  • special pillow if you need it (there are limited pillows in a hospital)

For baby:

  • have a bag at the top of your bag with an outfit you want your midwife to dress your baby in after the checkup. Make sure you have a vest, onesie/suit/nightie, hat and booties plus wrap. Cotton or merino is best.
  • carseat