Weight Gain in Pregnancy




REMEMBER that most of your weight gain will occur in the last trimester (from 28 weeks til birth) so aim to keep your weight gain down in the earlier months.

Suggested weight gain according to BMI is:

  • BMI <20 should gain 12-18kg
  • BMI 20-26 should gain 10-15kg
  • BMI 26-29 should gain 7-10kg
  • BMI >29 should gain 6kg

Excessive weight gain and obesity can cause major complications in pregnancy. It increases your chance of miscarriage and stillbirth. It increases your chances of having excessive odema(swelling), high blood pressure, pre eclampsia(or toxaemia), a very large baby (which can cause birth injuries for both baby and mother), a very small baby (deprived of essential nutrients), Gestational diabetes, haemorrhage after birth, the need for induction, the need for c-section, and increases your chances of having complications if you need an anasethetic. Your baby will be at much increased chance of being obese in childhood and of developing diabetes…

If your BMI is over 35 or you gain too much weight in pregnancy you will be unable to birth at Waitakere or a birth unit such as Birthcare. You will not be able to have a waterbirth and you will need continuous fetal monitoring in labour.