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What is a midwife? And what do we do?

Being pregnant for the first time can be a really daunting experience but Gentle Birth midwives will make it easy for you.

We offer hospital births, home births and water births. Between us we have access to Waitakere Hospital, Birthcare Parnell and Helensville Birth Unit. You will be guided through your pregnancy and birth process with a high standard of midwifery care with referrals to the appropriate specialist service as required.

Our services include:

  • Free midwifery care if you are a citizen, resident or have a work visa
  • Regular pregnancy checks for you and your baby in an unhurried and relaxed atmosphere
  • Antenatal checks are done in clinic, and postnatal visits are done in your home
  • We provide information and resources to help you make a birth plan
  • Discussion of pregnancy issues that concern you
  • Continuity of care through pregnancy, labour, birth and til 6 weeks after birth
  • Referral to specialist or medical services if necessary
  • We will support you to birth at home or Waitakere Hospital
  • Full back up support in case of emergency of if one of us has time off – you will get to meet the back up throughout your pregnancy
  • We have birth pools available for you use for a small charge (the cost of a personal disposable liner) should you want a home water birth
  • We are members of the NZ College of Midwives, engage in regular quality ongoing education and are reviewed via Midwifery Standards Review regularly

Available for use for Gentle Birth clients:

  • Birth pools (complete set up) for homebirthers planning a water birth
  • Breast pumps (manual and electric) for short term use to get through those tough first days, or longer term use for a sick baby needing pumped milk
  • Yoga balls – to use prior to labour and during labour for optimal fetal positioning and to prevent aching backs
  • Wheat bags – for use during labour
  • TENs machines (with disposable pads) for pain relief in labour
  • Massagers – for use in labour
  • Aromatherapy vaporizers (plug in so safe for use around oxygen at home or in hospital). Gail will happily make you up a personalized aromatherapy blend also if you desire
  • Pregnancy support belts – a range of sizes, for use during pregnancy to relieve back pain, symphysis and hip pain

We do not charge for use of these products but request you return them in good condition. Talk to your midwife about booking and using any of the products listed.

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