Yuka Pakhomov

Yuka PakhomovRegistered Midwife
Phone: 021 143 4042

Congratulations on your pregnancy. I was drawn to midwifery after experiencing the incredible miracle of birth of my own children. While each woman’s experience in pregnancy is unique, I believe in the inherent strength of women together with their babies that play an important role in coping with labour and birth. My passion is to support women and their family through the journey to parenthood and to empower them to believe in themselves; This within itself encourages normal physiological birth and creates a solid foundation for parenthood.

I am privileged to be a part of this amazing period in the women and their families lives. I practice in partnership and provide individualised care based on evidence, consulting with other health care professionals if necessary in timely manner.

I will support women in giving birth at home, in a primary birthing unit and at the hospital with a focus that birth is a part of their normal life process.


日本で看護師として働き、2人の娘を日本で妊娠・出産しました。その経験を通し、妊娠・出産が奇跡の連続で成り立っていること、女性の素晴らしさ、赤ちゃんの力強さに感動しました。また、産後の助産師さんからのアドバイスに大変救われ、私もこういうサポートをしたいと思い、助産師を志すようになりました。NZに移住後すぐ、英語はもちろん、NZの右も左も分からないまま第3子を妊娠・出産しました。その後、Auckland University Technology (AUT)で助産を学び、資格を取得し、助産師として働いています。


Phone: 021 143 4042
Fax: 09 355 0607
Email: yuka@careforyou-midwifery.nz