“Being an ‘experienced’ mother, I thought the second delivery would be a piece of cake. Boy, was I wrong!!

From bleeding in the first month to a difficult delivery, I saw it all! And helping me through it all was my Rock of Gibraltar, my mid-wife Angela. During the bleeding in the first trimester (when most mid-wives would not touch you with a barge-pole) Angela was my voice of sanity and hope. Her encouragement, no-nonsense attitude and sense of humour got me through those awful times.

And then, just when we thought everything would be smooth sailing, my baby decided to get stuck during delivery. Though we didn’t know it at the time, that and various other complications meant that we had a recipe for disaster. But through it all there was Angela, calm, efficient and knowledgeable. So much so that we didn’t know how close it was until much later. That itself speaks a lot for Angela’s professionalism.

Post-delivery, I always looked forward to Angela’s home-visits. Her brand of home-truth and quirky sense of humour got me thorough lots of sleepless days and nights.

Thank you Angela for being a great mid-wife!! I have had no hesitation in recommending you to a lot of my friends!”

Antao family


“Angela has delivered both my babies and theres no doubt that she will be delivering my next. I recommend her to everyone thats pregnant.

While under Angela’s care I felt very comfortable. She informed me on everything medical wise, baby wise and all the other bits and pieces that come to light while being pregnant. She’s a fun loving lady and this made me able to completely trust her in the process of helping me bring my beautiful children into the world. Angela is a great midwife and person and i feel very blessed to have met her and have her in our lives!”

Rebecca, Jack & Blake


“Geraldine was the greatest in midwifery… she not only cares for you but listens to anything you have to say or ask. There is no pressure when making certain decisions and it is left all up to you, she is just there to assist you in any way she can. After the birth she is equally as supportive and so gentle with baby. My boy Raegan absolutely adored her.”

Anna Marie North


“I had a fantastic journey throughout my pregnancy and birth, Geraldine was amazing! She was knowledgable and supportive of every decision my partner and I made and helped us deliver our beautiful son into the world in the manner we wanted. Her care and support in the weeks that followed have helped me become more confident as a mother, thanks Geraldine!”

Loren Woolmore


“I did it! My family told me I would need drugs but I had a gorgeous waterbirth! Thanks Gail for believing in me!”



“Just would like to say a very big thank you to Geraldine for your care during and after the birth of my beautiful daughter Sophia Faith. I couldn’t have done it without you!!! Thank you so much god bless you!”



“I had an awesome waterbirth and loved it. Gentle, peaceful and beautiful. My baby boy came out and just looked around peacefully at us. He didn’t scream or cry, just looked at our faces. And we fell in love with him.”



“I was determined homebirth was right for me even though my friends and family thought I was insane having my first at home. Throughout it all Gail and Geraldine believed in me and supported and encouraged me. We had our beautiful homebirth and couldn’t have asked for a more perfect birth.”



“Gail Kiss is the ultimate in midwifery care giving! A absolute professional without being clinical. Serious and hilarious all at the same time. Gail will tell it to you straight while also completely respecting your needs and wants”

Emily Auva’a


“Amazing amazing amazing. Thank you so much to Gail Kiss for bringing our third “little London” into this world, and helping me birth peacefully after V’s birth. You are an amazing, caring, funny, strong, knowledgeable person and we were blessed to have you Gail.”

Angela London


“I’m very pleased with my midwife Gail Kiss for looking after me and my baby Yulia. She’s a really really experienced midwife! Highly recommended to all pregnant women.”

Rola Xu


“I had the pleasure of having Gail as my midwife for my son in 2009. She was awesome then to a first time fretful mother. So in 2012 when I found out I was pregnant again, I gave her a call hoping hard she would be able to fit me in. I said my name and remembered me straight away.

An addition was Geraldine as her second midwife and they put me at ease straight away. They were both awesome, even though being my second child I still felt I had some fears, as if it was my first child. They never made me feel like any question was stupid or any fear was unwarranted. They became a part of our family and every visit as exciting and something to look forward to, more so for my son than me at times as he fell in love with both of them. Both my labours and births were very different but in both I felt empowered and knew I could do it despite saying I could not go on thanks to these lovely ladies.

They were respectful of all our cultural and religious needs and traditions and never for one moment did we feel uncomfortable with them, having them visit or visiting them was like going to another home.

These ladies would be my pick and recommendation for anyone having children as they were so in tune with me and my family and made the experience a wonderful one. To this day when we drive past the clinic my son ask if we are going to see Gail and Geraldine and ask if they still live there.

Ladies thank you for your time, effort, compassion, friendliness, understanding with my family and I, and helping me bring Nazeeha into my world in 2012 and another special thanks to Gail for helping me bring Rayaan into this world in 2009.”

Lots of love: Isma, Mohammed, Rayaan & Nazeeha


“Thank you so much for the wonderful care you gave our family during my pregnancy and Isaac’s birth. Looking after a newborn is much harder than I expected (especially the breastfeeding!) so your support and advice has been worth its weight in gold. I’m sure you are not short of clients but I wouldnt hesitate to recommend you to my pregnant friends! Thanks once again.”

Nicola, Tom and Isaac


“Thank you so much for your support during Olivers birth. I am amazed at how calm yet in control you were, and how well you were able to figure out what sort of approach would help me most. Thank you for respecting my choices and pushing me at the same time…”

Cathy, Tim and Oliver


“A word of thanks from Nat and myself for helping us bring our beautiful baby girl into the world. We really appreciate your support and may see you again in the future.”

Beth, Nat, Jasmine and Grace


“Thank you so much for being the best midwife ever! You’re an awesome lady!”

Paulette, Gerald, Tamati, Savannah and Baby Talia


“Once again a big thank you for your superb care, input, help through labour and birth of Kaitlin. We so appreciate such a wonderful midwife. With Love”

Tim, Jenni, Rhianna, Nathanael, Emily and Kaitlin


“Thanks for being there in my time of need. We couldnt have done it without you.”

Sharon, James and Hayley


“You gave us great, un-biased advice and were exactly what we needed. We feel very greatful to have found you….”

Emma, Tony, and Poppy


“Thanks heaps for all your help and support over the last 6 weeks, you have been fantastic! Shaun and I wouldn’t have wanted anyone else to bring our much wanted, Charlotte into this world. Please don’t change jobs before we have a little brother for Charlotte. Thanks again.”

Dianne, Shaun and Charlotte


“Thanks so much for being such an amazing support before, during and after the birth of Felix. We have really appreciated all your advice and the cool collected calmness you have gained through years of experience.”

Jason, Susan and Felix