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GentleBirth Midwives are your local Auckland midwives. We believe in respecting the mother and baby during pregnancy and birth and allowing labour to unfold in its own time.


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The GentleBirth Philosophy

We believe birth is beautiful, powerful and life changing. We believe a peaceful gentle birth will set your baby and you up for a good start to getting to know each other. We think birth can be powerful, incredible, amazing and beautiful. We don’t believe you need to “leave your dignity at the door”. We walk alongside you during pregnancy to help you grow a healthy baby, tone up your body and prepare it for an effective, powerful natural birth, and work on your mind to allay fears and anxiety. We walk next to you during birth, supporting, guiding, suggesting, and offering our love and knowledge so that you and your partner/birth attendants feel supported and dignified, and welcome your baby into the world. We don’t take over the process, we don’t pressure you or force you into anything you don’t want. We offer ideas, information, choices and knowledge that will help you through the birth process. We support your choices and advocate for you and your baby – if we need to we will stand between you and intervention to allow you time to birth your baby. We acknowledge that sometimes medical assistance and intervention is necessary, that sometimes drugs have their place – but with love and support, most women can birth their babies naturally, powerfully and peacefully.

We advocate for waterbirth and homebirth. We believe in Active Birth to get your baby into a favourable position and allow gravity and motion to gently encourage your baby into the world. We enjoy using aromatherapy, music, gentle lighting, visualization, quiet voices, homeopathy and age-old wisdom to support you through birth and make it an incredible event.

We choose to work in partnership with you and your partner/whanau to prepare you for birth and the first few weeks of new parenthood. Our relationship with you is built on respect, compassion, dignity and trust.  We feel sharing your journey to parenthood is an honour and a privilege.  We believe in treating newborns with gentle hands, quiet voices, and respect. We like to handle them with kindness and love, just as we do our own children. Encouraging parents to be the first voices the newborn hears, the first faces, the first soft touch is our goal.

We “hold the space” for women in labour. We watch, monitor, keep everyone safe while we support and encourage. We support the support people and encourage them to be the one the birthing mother turns to.  We affirm, reassure, focus, and empower the birthing woman and her partner. We don’t “deliver” babies, we support mothers to birth their babies. We want you and your partner to say “WOW, we did it” when your baby is in your arms, not feel that you were overwhelmed by the process.

We believe women are incredibly strong and powerful. We know that our bodies were made perfectly to birth our babies, that we grow a baby that fits our pelvis, that some labours take more time than others. We know that a natural, gentle  is better, safer and kinder for you and for your baby.

Our website has many resources for you to make use of to help you grow a healthy baby, ready your body for an active, gentle, natural birth, and to recover quickly, in order to enjoy the first few weeks of motherhood.

We are your local Auckland Midwives and are here to help.